Enrollment Application

Student Learning is conducted online in a virtual environment. Therefore, the student and parent/guardian must be prepared to use a computer for classroom assignments, activities, tests and communication with the school, teacher and fellow students. By completing this application, you are verifying the availability of computer equipment, readiness in basic skills and access to the Internet.


◉ Pentium D or higher.
◉ 1 GB Memory RAM or higher
[1024x728] Video resolution
◉ Fixed or wireless Internet Access (1Mb).
◉ Microphone and Audio Headphones.
◉ Camera
◉ Printer


◉ Web Browser Mozilla Firefox v.22 or more recent.
◉ Operating Systems:
◉ Windows XP or more recent
◉ Mac OSX 10.5 "Leopard®"
◉ Acrobat Reader (Free software).
◉ Macromedia Flash Player.
◉ Microsoft Office or Open Office.

There is a $50.00 nonrefundable fee with the submission of the application.

The application must be signed by the parent or guardian of a student younger than 18 years of age.