School Events

OLFEA Considers School events as essential to Personal and Professional Development in the Catholic Faith.

CAMPUS MINISTRY: All students are required to attend the campus ministry activities. The purpose is to enrich a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and embrace an appreciation for community service. Special religious programs and events are held during the year. However, weekly activities include the following:

  • Daily school-wide prayer is conducted virtually at 12:30 pm EST.
  • Each class begins with a prayer or moment of spiritual reflection.
  • Weekly school masses are held on Fridays at 3:30 pm EST and all students are required to
    attend and participate.
  • Other Liturgical duties are to attend Mass on Holy Days of Obligation, Sacrament of
    Reconciliation, Blessing of Throats, Reception of Ashes, and the Stations of the Cross.

ASSEMBLY: On an annual basis a virtual assembly is held to bring all stakeholders together to celebrate accomplishments of the school year, provide an opportunity for students to share their talents & interest, and address priorities for continuous improvement.

COMMUNITY SERVICES: Students are required to complete ten (10) hours per year of service hours in combination of church & community outreach, and school activities.

SCHOOL FUNDRAISERS:  An annual fundraising event is held to raise money for student resources, events, and special needs. All families are expected to participate for the success of the event. No student may solicit funds in the school’s name unless such solicitation has been authorized in writing by the principal.